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$AEG Token

The AEG token is the cornerstone of the Aether universe, providing a common medium of exchange between users, developers, and businesses. It is an ERC-20 token currently built on Polygon, and is used as a digital asset to facilitate transactions within the Aether universe.

The $AEG token is used as a crafting material, allowing users to create customized in-game items within Aether Games. In Aether: Trading Card Game these are used to craft plain cards into NFT, while in Gates of Ethernity it is used to craft a plain creature into an NFT.

The $AEG token is also used for staking in the Aether Vault, a decentralized application that allows users to store, and manage their $AEG tokens. Stakers will receive rewards in the form of $AEG tokens, or exclusive NFT rewards for holding their tokens in the Vault.

The $AEG token can also be used to nest within heirlooms, a cross-game dynamic NFT that grows over time. By nesting $AEG tokens within heirlooms, users will level up their specific heirloom which gives various passive luxuries and a lot more game progression.

Finally, the $AEG token is used as a payment solution within the Aether universe and marketplace. This allows users to buy and sell goods and services with the $AEG token, providing a safe and secure way to transact within the marketplace.

The AEG token serves as a bridge between traditional and web3 gaming, connecting the two distinct spaces and providing a way for gamers to access the benefits of both. This token provides a way for gamers to purchase games, items, and other resources, as well as to earn rewards for participating in gaming activities. It also allows them to easily convert their traditional gaming assets into web3 gaming assets, and vice versa by disenchanting, and thus retrieving a part of the token. By using the AEG token, gamers are able to take advantage of the best of both worlds and have a seamless experience across different games within the Aether Universe.